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NariNauka: Women’s Whitewater Guide Training

Breaking Waves and Stereotypes on Ma Ganga
March 26-30, 2024

Welcome to NariNauka, a groundbreaking initiative—the first-ever all-women's whitewater guide training program in India. Tailored exclusively for Indian women aspiring to excel as whitewater guides on the iconic Ganga River, our program stands out as a beacon of excellence.

Distinguished by our meticulously crafted training curriculum and a team of highly qualified instructors, NariNauka addresses a crucial gap in the industry. We equip women with comprehensive river skills, covering everything from guide expertise to safety and rescue techniques. Our aim is to cultivate a group of female whitewater guides in India who are exceptionally skilled, professional, and held in high regard within the industry.

At NariNauka, we are committed to providing this training within a nurturing and empowering environment. Our passion lies in empowering women to realize their dreams, shatter barriers, and pave the way for future generations of female guides.


By supporting NariNauka, you align with a pioneering force dedicated to professionalism, empowerment, and the advancement of women in adventure tourism.

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Image by Jyoti Singh

Jeremy Ann Anderson: Lead Trainer


Jeremy is an accomplished Whitewater River Guide with over 25 years of experience leading expeditions across the United States and internationally. As a Master Teacher at the California College of Ayurveda, she has nurtured and supported students on their journey to becoming Ayurvedic practitioners for 20 years. Jeremy's commitment to environmental stewardship and river advocacy led her to volunteer with Friends of the River, where she guides policy-maker trips and coordinates and teaches guide trainings annually. She has received accolades for her exceptional volunteer work, including the California River Award for Volunteer of the Year in 2017. Jeremy's dedication extends to community involvement, such as leading Girl Scout troops for many years and volunteering with organizations like Rivers for Change and the Truckee River Watershed Council. She is also a Level 4 American Canoe Association: Whitewater Rafting - Oar and Paddle Instructor and holds current certifications in Swiftwater Rescue and First Aid/CPR. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the United States Rafting Association and has played a vital role in the formation of the Youth Board of Directors, all while supporting her daughter's achievements as a member of the 2022 World Champion gold and silver medal-winning US U19 Women's Team. Additionally, she was a founding member of the Mama Bears, a Masters Women's Raft Race Team. With an extensive river log spanning well over 10,000 river miles, she brings her passion for rivers into her Ayurvedic practice, offering unique expedition retreats that connect people with the natural world. Jeremy's unique blend of expertise in river guiding and Ayurveda promises an unforgettable and transformative experience for participants on her upcoming Ayurveda and Yoga; Trekking and Rafting Expedition in the Himalaya and the Ganga River in April 2024 as well as her Ayurveda and Writing Rafting Retreat on the Salmon River in Idaho in July 2024. Jeremy is excited to lead the first women's guide training (NariNauka: Breaking Waves and Stereotypes) on the River Ganga in March 2024 with the support of local outfitter Red Chilli Adventure. Her deep experience, dedication to the empowerment of women, and commitment to education make her an invaluable leader for this upcoming women's guide training on Ma Ganga.

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