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Jeremy Anderson
Founder and Director ~ Inspired Life with Jeremy Ann Anderson
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
Pancha Karma Specialist
Master Teacher, California College of Ayurveda
Faculty Instructor, Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda
Nature Immersion Therapist
Outdoor Educator/Adventure Guide
Whitewater River Guide/River Lover
Wedding Officiant

Jeremy lives in Truckee, CA with her beloved husband of 30 years and her 2 teenage daughters. Her passion for nature brought her across the country and into the Sierras in 1999 where she found she had a deep spiritual connection to the mountains, forests, and rivers of this place. She and her husband decided to put down roots and have been enjoying raising their family here and exploring every footpath and river current they can in this awe-inspiring paradise. 


Jeremy has been joyfully teaching Ayurveda for 19 years as a Master Teacher at the California College of Ayurveda where she graduated as valedictorian of the 2005 Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist class. At Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda she teaches the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program, the Ayurvedic Nutrition & Digestive Health Coach program, and the Clinical Ayurvedic Herbalist program. Along with her Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist certification, Jeremy received her Panchakarma Specialist and Marma Therapist Certification through CCA, and completed studies at the American Institute of Vedic Studies in Ayurveda for Healthcare Professionals concurrently. She became a Certified Massage Therapist to deepen her Pancha Karma services. Jeremy continues her Vedic Studies in her efforts to always deepen her learning and understanding and is currently studying to become a Yoga Instructor, to deepen her own practice and to further assist and educate her patients and students.

Jeremy maintains her own practice, Inspired Life with Jeremy Ann Anderson, in the Lake Tahoe region and worldwide, where she offers consultations, workshops, and nature therapy, helping her patients find balanced health and peace of mind through this ancient and profound science. 

After many years of private practice, Jeremy founded Inspired Life Healing Collective in 2023, a yearlong wellness club for women and AFAB individuals committed to reclaiming their health and overcoming chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Through twice weekly gatherings, systematic diet and lifestyle shifts, and seasonal cleanses - aligned with the lunar cycles and attuned with the rhythms of nature - Jeremy's collective provides a supportive environment where members can learn, connect, share their journeys, and embark on transformative paths toward wellness and healing.

Jeremy has been a Whitewater River Guide for 25 years. She currently teaches guide school as a volunteer for the CA non-profit Friends of the River. She has spent many years leading multi day adventures, primarily on remote rivers throughout the Western United States. As an experienced Adventure Guide, she curates tours that are unique and extraordinary, from unforgettable sights to heart-expanding treasures of our natural world, creating opportunites to see and explore magical and wondrous places while deepening ones connection to nature and ultimately within themselves. 

Jeremy became ordained as a minister in 2002 and has been serving as a wedding officiant ever since in California, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. She believes that love is a natural state of being that ought to be honored and celebrated. Holding space for 2 hearts to come together in the sacred act of marriage is an honor she regards with great reverence. Serving in this way is one of her greatest joys.  

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Kelly Wiglesworth

Founder and Director ~ Mukti Yoga Mexico 2007 - 2018
ERYT 500 (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher)
Certified Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology Therapist
Reiki Practitioner
Professional Adventure Travel/Class V River Guide
Swiftwater Rescue Certified
Wilderness First Responder 


Kelly has been a professional Adventure Travel/Class V River Guide for more than 20 years. She has traveled and worked in 28 countries and lead groups large and small on rafting, surfing, trekking - and many other adventures all over the world. 

She has been practicing Yoga since 2000 and became a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2005. Kelly spent two months studying in Thailand where she received her advanced certifications in Nuad Boran (Northern Style) Thai Massage and

Foot Reflexology. She is also a Level II Practitioner of the

Usui System of Reiki Healing. 

Kelly spent 10 years living in a remote, coastal village in Mexico without the conveniences of the modern world where she gave birth to her son, Rio. It was here that she founded her Yoga Teacher Training School - Mukti Yoga Mexico. 


She enjoys sharing her love of adventure travel, nature and Yoga therapies with others and creates and environment where everyone feels comfortable no matter their experience or skill level. 

' Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer' 

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